Video ads are one of the most successful ads, and around 85% of marketers have been including them in their video marketing campaigns.Video ads are an investment and will bring the traction your brand or business requires. However, it can be difficult if you are new to the industry and have no idea about video ad making.

8 Tips and Tricks for Making a Good Video Ad

Lucky for you, we have compiled 8 tips and tricks for you to nail your next video ad campaign. 

  1. Personalize your video ads. 

In order to create a brand identity and get noticed by your audience, you will need to personalize your video according to your brand culture. Video ads are different from television ads and are aimed at an audience from a specific age category, gender, and location. Customers want to feel appreciated; they also want to relate and feel a connection with your brand.

Personalized videos speak to the customers and also fulfill their needs. Personalizing your video ad will help your brand’s message resonate with your viewers. Create video ads through which you can interact and connect with your audience and come out of the shell of a tough corporate entity. 

   2. Use storytelling aspects 

These days, viewers are known to have a much shorter attention span and tend to get bored of a video very quickly if it is not engaging in the first few seconds. As a business owner who wants to maintain their image with their audience, it is suggested that you focus on a more story-driven approach. But how exactly do you use storytelling in an ad? It is simple. Come up with a plot and use your products and services to answer questions.

Your plot should have a beginning, a center point and an end, just like a movie or a novel. Your plot should also be convincing, and your audience should be able to relate to the message of the video. For that, make sure that you are imaginative, look for inspiration, make it compelling and appeal to the viewer’s emotions. Keep experimenting through trial and error with the help of any ad maker till you’re able to create the perfect video ad

   3. Keep it real 

Gone are the days when highly produced ads were considered popular. With time, the rules of video marketing have also changed. In today’s world, video content is expected to be raw and authentic so that the viewers can relate to the brand. Raw and authentic content is believed to have a bigger impact than highly produced ads. However, this also depends on your brand, your brand’s products, and services. Either way, keep it authentic; do not assume or beat yourself up if your video ad doesn’t have the same production standards as high-end television commercials. 

   4. Keep your video ad short and sweet 

How many times have you skipped ads on YouTube after 5 seconds? It is suggested that when you are making your video ad, you should focus on keeping it short and sweet. Research by ExtremeReach observed that by the end of 2019, 66% of online ads were 30 seconds or shorter in duration. AdAge says that “You have lost 33% of your viewers if you haven’t fully engaged your audience in under 30 seconds, and 45% of the viewers have stopped watching after a minute.”

A 15-second ad is your sweet spot. Although you may create ads that go beyond 30 seconds, know that you will be losing a lot of viewers halfway through the ad, even before you send your message across. Short-form video advertising has emerged as a smart digital strategy that many businesses have found success with. 

   5. Add humor 

You will be surprised at the traction you will get and the way you can hold your viewers’ attention just by adding a little humor. Adding humor to video ads is a popular strategy used by many businesses and marketers to make memorable video ad content. If you have ever seen a humorous ad, the chances are that you will still remember them long after you watched them. And an ad that gets stuck in people’s minds will surely generate sales.

So don’t hesitate to add light humor to your video marketing campaign. The corporate world will have you believe that humor is unprofessional and informal, but that’s not entirely true. Such opinions are now outdated. Do not be worried about trying to be funny. The chances are that your video ad may have trouble engaging your audience if you do not add some amount of humor. Make your viewers chuckle and see how humor can boost your sales. 

  6. Make sure that your video content is relevant 

One problem with video advertising is that it interrupts the viewers, be it a television ad, Youtube, or Spotify ad. You may be enjoying listening to your favorite song, and then-BAM!- you will find yourself watching a commercial for skincare products. This kind of interruption may annoy and frustrate the viewer, and this can result in your viewer losing interest in your ad and detest your brand for ruining their fun time.

Although platforms are trying their best to match the video ads to the demographics of the audience that is watching, it can be difficult to catch your audience’s interest if your ad is not relevant. You can make your video ads highly relevant to the video content and look less like an interruption and more of a value add. You can create different versions of the same ad to achieve this. Although this might sound difficult, the right tools will help you achieve this effect. 

   7. Focus on your brand’s strengths.

One of the most important things you can aim to achieve with a video ad is to showcase your brand’s powers. Display what you are most confident about your brand; after all, the aim is to promote your business. Make sure that you present it in a way that highlights your brand’s strengths. Emphasize what makes your brand special and different from the competition and share testimonials or any notable achievements.  

  8. Include a CTA 

Now that you have finished curating your video ad, it is time to include a call to action towards the end of your ad. Include a CTA to tell your viewers what you want them to do after watching your ad, and act upon your ad’s message. You can also film the CTA yourself or make a graphic CTA and include it at the end. Make sure that your CTA is as specific as possible.

Now that you are equipped with these tips and tricks, it is time for you to go make a compelling and engaging video ad. Keep testing and exploring to understand what works for your brand the best. Make sure that you monitor the results after posting your video ad and incorporate the feedback.


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