On Monday, a piece of big news has to hit the internet in which eight people were injured in Tamil Nadu’s Mettupalayam district. In the incident, a lorry collided with a government bus and it was a T-bone accident which means the front of the lorry has been struck the side of the bus.

8 injured in Tamil Nadu as Lorry Collides

The accident that took place in Tamil Nadu was actually very terrifying in which several people were injured and they got some serious injuries too. It is all about concentration and the driver of the truck was not driving properly and we can say that the truck driver was responsible for the accident.

8 injured in Tamil Nadu as Lorry Collides With Govt Bus

As everyone knows that in the last few days many accident cases have come to the fore. Mostly this happens during festivals because everyone is in a hurry to go somewhere. For this reason, many people do carelessness in a hurry and become a part of a big accident.

Keeping this accident in mind in Tamil Nadu, we would like to request all of you to drive your vehicle carefully and take care of everyone else’s safety along with you. As of now, there is no news of the loss of life in this accident but some people have been seriously injured.

Let us also tell you that the bus came from Mettupalayam to Sathyamangalam. Along with it, the bus has been filled with lots of passengers who travel to visit Sathyamangalam. On the way, the bus has been struck into an accident in which a truck driver has brutally collided with a bus from the side.

The entire accident has been recorded in the CCTV footage and it showed the government bus overturned due to the impact of the collision. Local residents of the area ran to help the passengers in the damaged vehicle.

Seven passengers and the lorry driver were wounded. He was taken to the Government Hospital in Mettupalayam for treatment. The bus driver, bus conductor, and other residents of the bus sustained minor injuries. CCTV footage indicated that the happening took place at a three-way intersection where a lorry carrying a load turned and crossed the government bus.

The bus went ahead and another speeding lorry took a turn and T-bonded it. The bus overturned even as the lorry moved ahead. The incident was actually painful and injured eight people. Stay connected with us for more updates.


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