Tired of usual dates? A movie-cafe-club scheme doesn’t satisfy you anymore? It’s time for you and your partner to look at your romantic encounters from a slightly different angle. Thus, you should add new elements and forget about old places and schemes. By the way, psychologists believe that unusual dates strengthen relationships, especially if your sexual energy has decreased, and you don’t know how to excite your wife anymore. After all, when you have already discussed all the rock bands, films, and books in the world, you need to add something new in your life to avoid boredom.  

  1. Performance at the center of contemporary art

We don’t know how you and your partner see beauty, but contemporary art is interesting because usually artists try to make it bright and high-quality, and sometimes they add a lot of pathos and some funny elements. To enjoy the performance at a center of contemporary art, don’t pretend to be some serious connoisseurs or sophisticated connoisseurs. Instead, you should treat it as a show! 

  1. Horseback riding

Romantic, elegant, free. These were my first associations. Sign up for a horseback riding in the forest, along with your girlfriend. Of course, first you will have to learn how to control a horse, and only then you will be able to enjoy horseback riding in nature. By the way, this is an excellent occasion to show your girlfriend that you are a caring knight since jumping off a horse is much more difficult than climbing on it.


  1. Mystical adventure

Have you ever heard of places of power? There are certain points on the map where energy accumulates and, according to legend, a portal to another world opens. You will never forget your date with mysterious elements. Of course, it is not necessary to believe in all this, and to meditate under a mysterious oak tree or to evoke someone’s spirit. But you will agree that a magical place, overgrown with the most controversial rumors, will definitely not leave you indifferent. 

  1. Vacations in Zombieland

What gamers who turned on adventures and spent all their youth at a computer just won’t come up with, for example, such an idea came to their bright minds: what if we transfer a virtual reality to the real world? Can you imagine how it feels to be inside a computer game, like Silent Hill? The organizers of such events took care of everything: they keep a psychologist on staff, in case of a panic attack, police officers (for cases when the make-up “zombies” suddenly turn into real ones), and, of course, doctors from the ambulance. 

  1. Thai adventure

Oriental spa for two is real magic for connoisseurs of pleasure. Book double treatments at the Thai spa, and you can enjoy a refined message, amazing aromatherapy, and unforgettable desserts together. 

  1. Fishing

You won’t believe it, but it is the truth as it is, the fishing can be a romantic and sophisticated hobby. Because you can go fishing in the most beautiful places in the country! Enjoy the silence, nature, fresh air, and of the neighborhood with your significant other, of course, all this will turn fishing into a really interesting date. And it’s not necessary to really catch fish. 

  1. Tea ceremony

You always wanted to make a romantic dinner, but you didn’t think that beef cutlets with candles, can even look romantic? Tired of platitudes and clichés in dating? Invite your girlfriend to a real tea ceremony! The best options are Chinese or Japanese tea ceremonies. It is believed that these two countries have the most interesting tea rituals in the World. One way or another, surely, you both will remember the taste of tea and smell of incense sticks seasoned with an oriental atmosphere forever. To complete the ceremony, you can launch a Sky Lantern at the end.  






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