Google has introduced a new feature to its Google Maps App. The new feature is made to increase the safety of cab users. Those, who travel through the cab, need not worry about the cab going in the wrong direction, as this new feature will alert the user for the wrong route. If you are traveling through a cab, and the cab driver turns the cab towards some another direction than your destination route, this feature will warn you for the same.

Google adds several features for the convenience and safety of the users. Recently, Google added three more features to the App. Those three features are currently available in some cities only. However, they have been confirmed very useful.

The first feature notifies for delays in the Bus Route. It shows a message stating the exact arrival time if the Bus would be delayed by analyzing the traffic in the route. The second feature tells about the delays in Train journey and other pieces of information about the trains traveling through the same route. The last feature helps the user to select the best means of public transport accordingly. It suggests the user whether to take train, Bus or auto rickshaw and also notifies the stop where he should interchange and take another mode of transport from. Also, it provides an estimate of the total fair from starting to the end point to the user.

Now, Google has introduced this pop-up feature for the cab drib=ving in another route. However, if the cab moves forward for more than 500 meters, the alarm will stop ringing. This feature can be used when you are traveling in your own car as well. This safety alarm feature is currently available in India only and nothing has been confirmed for its availability in other countries.


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