People must have just heard about the miraculous to an extent, but after one incident it is being told that the miraculous actually happens. Here is a report coming from Texas where a girl miraculously survived a tornado after it launched her into a tree. Let us tell you the winds were packing 165-mph and the little girl ended up on a cedar. She was later found unconscious and handing upside down. In a tornado, the kid survived and she is recovering from her injuries. According to the sources, the tornado left about 13 miles of the area of destruction through Central Texas.

miriam rios girl

The girl is now 7-years-old and was celebrating her 7th birthday in the hospital on Saturday, April 16, 2022. Her aunt, Naomi Benavides told the New York Post,” Everyone is doing OK!”. The tornado tossed the Rios family in a different direction. According to the sources, Rios’s father, Joel Rios, and her mother Vanessa and a 1-years-old brother, Ezra were also admitted to the hospital after the storm swept through Cedar Valley, near the tiny town of Salado. Due to the monster twister, the mobile home belonging to the family was flattened as a result.

7-years-old girl, Miriam Rios Girl Survives in Tornado

While the reports suggest that almost 23 people including the members of the Rios family were injured in the storm which comes into the category of EF-23 tornado. No casualties were reported in the incident. Vanessa’s brother, Stephen Perez told the media that the family had begun to drive away from the storm but they had to return back when the hail began to fall.

Benavidez said to her sister,” She was picking up… holding onto her babies as much as she could. The little girl – she had to hold onto her by her hair. They ended up getting lifted from the trailer and just thrown into the trees”. Well, the report also shares that 61 homes and two churches were destroyed as a result of the tornado.

Joel Rios was first found by Rodeo worker Blake Miller as he was going through the destruction area following the tornado. He found Joel who was trapped under three limbs, waving to passersby to get attention. He used his all strength and power to get the attention of the people and tried everything to take help from others. Miller said,” the man was in the piece and he was still fighting until his last breath for his family”.


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