It’s sad for everyone who were hoping to step out with the lockdown coming to an end. Now that it has been extended further, there is no option left for us to do but to stay at home. Even the work from home gives us so much space to watch OTT that we are nearly exhausted with the wishlist. But hey, worry not, we are here to save you from the boredom by picking out the finest gems from Amazon Prime that could be hidden from your sight. They are surely pieces of cinematic art and you will thank us later, but first, why not just check them out.

prime videos

1.Modern Love

For the lovers of rom com, let start with you. Modern Love is all about exploring love in different forms, adapted from the New York Times column with the same name Modern Love. The stories are laced with more fiction and served to you. With the beautiful star cast including prominent names like Jane Alexander, Emmy winner Tina Fey, Andy Garcia, Oscar winner Anne Hathaway, Dev Patel and John Slattery, it should definitely top your list. Go over on this 8 episode journey and explore a unique story each time.

2.Shor Se Shuruaat

Created by a bunch of aspiring directors, trained under ace directors. Shor Se Shuruaat is centered around the theme of a disturbing Noise or Shor, an amalgam of seven different short stories. You could hardly get to see so many different things happening, all fits beautifully in one single film. If you missed it earlier, you would not want to miss this time.

3 Fauji

With TV channels turning to 90s days, why not take a back turn and relive those good old days once again with one of the popular shows of the time, Fauji. An exceptionally popular TV show about a batch of trainees into a military school, their training and eventual promoted as soldiers. For Shahrukh’s fans this is a treat to watch.

4. Ankhon Dekhi

Suppressed by the social norms and beliefs we often close our eyes and follow what that has been fed to our minds. The film, Ankhon Dekhi is all about that, the protagonist’s life changes when he sees the world through his own eyes and not by the others. A simple story that touches your heart and makes you smile and at times inspires you.

5.Barah Aana

Experience the one more type of life in the city of dreams, Mumbai where three men accidentally stumble into the world of crime in order to lift their poor lifestyle in slums. They soon realise that it is not a bad business to venture in. Starring Naseeruddin Shah, Vijay Raaz and Arjun Mathur, Barah Aana should be considered for a watch.

6. A Very English Scandal

Jeremy Thorpe is a member of parliament in 1970s and a leader in the Liberal Party, is put on trial for conspiracy to murder his former lover, Norman Scott. What happens when Thorpe’s early, secretive love life (where sexual activity between men at that time was illegal) leads to subsequent public exposure? Check out in this series.

7. Tales from the Loop

A normal town which is actually home to the Mercer Center for Experimental Physics known as The Loop where its resident scientists conduct numerous experiments, resulting in some of them making their way out into the town. This sci-fi drama is one of a kind experience. Do watch it!

Binge watch these ones, we bring you another set of some of the most amazing stuff soon!


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