Changing the mood from room to room is part of the joy of designing your house. We’re all for cozy spaces, but a bit of elegance gives a place a sense of gravitas that makes it seem complete. Because the dining room is the typical meeting spot for guests, these rooms are more refined—but just because it’s a little more formal doesn’t mean it has to be stuffy. Step into boho dining rooms: So relaxed, stylish, and inviting, your guests will want to stay forever.

Continue reading to discover the finest design techniques for revamping your dining room interior design in this timeless style, drawing influence from around the world for a cosmopolitan experience right at home.

# 1 Casual Yet Elegant

It takes skill to create a place that seems both informal and refined. This dining room interior design embodies the casualness that is fundamental to boho design while also exuding a distinct Southern atmosphere. The butcher’s block–style table, surrounded by mismatched dining stools and accented by stacked linen runners, finds a mix between powerful and welcoming.

# 2 Vibrant but Keep it Boho

Not all bohemian spaces feature a neutral palette. In fact, color is used freely in bohemian design, ranging from rustic crimson and browns to lush, vivid jewel hues. A bright runner in colours of indigo, turquoise, and white galvanises the space in this bohemian dining room interior design —its lively palette is also reflected in the dining room décor.

# 3 Plants Go All the Way

A bohemian dining area isn’t complete without an abundance of plants. Plants should be placed around the area in a variety of nooks and surfaces, from the floor to the ceiling, to create a rich, layered look. Using a variety of easy-growing plants around the area creates depth in the textures as well as a lot of vitality.

# 4 Layer the Patterns

While there is undeniable effort behind every bohemian design, the trick to mastering the boho style is to make it appear as if you didn’t give any of it a second thought. Consider this bohemian dining room: Its pattern mash-up—as seen in the stunning graphic carpeting and textured wallpaper—appears easy, while giving an eclectic, come-as-you-are feel to the room.

# 5 Go Au Naturale

Natural fibres (think sisal, wicker, and woven fabrics) balance out the formalism of a boho dining area. But it doesn’t mean they can’t make a statement. Take this dining room interior design for example. An enormous jute pendant in organic woven fibres adds character to the area, while a Berber rug acts as a neutral base.

# 6 Light the Right Way

Consider lighting to be the link connecting all of the other bohemian design elements: After all, boho design is a state of mind as much as a style of décor. Layered lighting in the form of a striking chandelier and maybe a pair of lamps is ideal for a bohemian dining room interior design. Just ensure your lights have dimmer switches so you can create atmospheric lighting on your repasts. And don’t neglect the candles—nothing like the soft flicker of a flame to create the ambiance.

Bohemian dining room interior design is all about expressing yourself and creating a space that looks inviting and relaxed but also makes a statement. If you’re also interested in giving your space a bohemian makeover, professional interior design firms like Livspace can help you live your décor dreams.

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