In a hospital in Southern Bagdad, 27 people were killed and 46 been injured in a fire on Saturday. There were COVID-19 patients who had been housed in a nearby hospital. The fire occurred at the lbn Khatb Hospital in the Diyala Bridge area. The accident happened when an oxygen tank exploded and fire opened up in nearby areas. The ambulance rushed towards the hospital and the coronavirus patients got injured. a report has been said that at least 27  people died on the spot and 46 got majority injured after the explosion. Immediately after the incident, the patients who were not injured shifted to the nearby hospital,

27 Dead in Fire at Baghdad Hospital for Covid-19 Patients

and injured patients shifted to another hospital for the primary treatment. The head of the Iraqi civil defense unit stated that there were 120 people in the building when the fire exploded to the top floor which was allotted to the pulmonary intensive care unit has rescued the 91 people. The Iraqi healthcare centers are allotted the coronavirus patients. There are a total of 102,5289 and 15,217 death cases have been registered in the country. After the oxygen tank exploded in Ibn-Al-Khatib Hospital In the Iraqi capital the injured were shifted to the nearby hospital for instant help. They have been shifted to emergency care and

treatment has been started. The doctors confirmed that some of the patients are the majority injured. The families of the injured are not allowed to step into the hospital as those were quarantined in the building. The Coronavirus patients were quarantined in the building for 10 days and the government was providing them medical help. The incident happened when an oxygen tank explodes and fire opened up in the nearby areas. The COVID-19 patients building was the nearest one to the hospital so it harmed the patients and more than 25 people died in the fire explosion. The sources have confirmed that fire

extinguishers and ambulance reached at a time to rescue injured patients. The fire was in control after the 2 hours of struggle and the Police reduced 90 people from the building. Many of them were majorly injured as they were not able to move from their wards. Somehow police rescued them and they informed the families of dead patients. The police have examined the situation and the fire is under control now. There was a fault in the oxygen tanks so it caught fire. Then they ensured the well-being of the patients. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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