A very famous Telegu actoress commit suicide at her residence today. The actress’s family claims that she has been harassed by a man named Devaraj Reddy whom she met on TikTok. Sravani used to live in Hyderabad. The young Beauty was just 26 Years old. She had appeared in a very famous TV show Manasu Mamata for playing the character of a protagonist. Sravni was an upcoming superstar of the Telegu Industry and she had plenty more projects and offers in the queue.


This year is go on giving bad news and as we all know that this year most of the cases of suicides have been recorded and it seems like that the limelight comes with a lot of darkness.

Last month we got the news of Sushant Singh Rajput before that Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor, Wajid Khan and there are most demises this year we have seen that is melting our hearts most of the deaths are from depression and stress, and the rest of them the cause of diseases. Tik Tok Star Ronnie Mcnutt Death Live Stream

Sravani Kondapalli found died at her residence in Hyderabad as per the reports she committed suicide on Tuesday night. Her family alleges that the reason behind her suicide is harassment.

Reports are saying that Sravani took this decision after alleged harassment from a man whose name is Devaraj Reddy, whom she met on TikTok and she got well familiarized with. According to the police, Sravani’s body has been shifted to Osmania General hospital for post mortem.

Sravani’s brother Shiva stated in media that the man Devaraj has been harassing her sister for money. He also threatened to leak some of her videos. “My sister told me that she is under pressure as he was blackmailing her. She said that she has a shooting to attend, but she soon took this extreme decision,” her brother said.

Why these kinds of people do this cheap stuff to get money and all. A case of harassment has been filed in the Police station against Devraj and let’s see how soon will she get justice. Our condolences are with her family. May Her Soul Rest In Peace…


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