Many cases take place in Delhi but another murder held on Sector 24 of outer Delhi’s Rohini on Friday. A 25 Years old man was shot dead by a group of people with guns. The entire incident record on CCTV and very soon viral on social media on Sunday. The man who killed in the incident was come to purchase some goods with his female friend. Later, four to five men come with guns and shot the man who stands facing his car. Almost seven round of bullets fire on the victim in which 5 bullets points the victim’s body. The first shot fired from his back makes a hole in the victim’s chest that results in the immediate death of the victim.

25 Year Old Boy Shot

After the group starts firing on the victim, his female friend trying to chase them but the attackers instantly run from the place. The incidents take place in Rohini Sector 24 and the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Rohini) Pramod Kumar Mishra said that the victim who killed on Friday evening is also a gangster and involves in three to four criminal cases. The victim named Bharat Solanki a.k.a. Yuvin was found dead on Friday by some gangsters. The investigation is going on and the police trying to solve the entire incident.

The CCTV footage of the murder has gone viral on social media but the face of people not clearly visible. In the CCTV footage, the victim was at the grocery shop to purchase some goods and then he comes towards his car but his female friend was staying at the shop. Solanki stands facing towards his car and then one person starts to open fire on him from his backside. After the first bullet hit Solanki’s back then he fell down on the road then the second person fire on him almost three to four times. After seeing this the female friend runs towards the attackers and all the attackers run from the place.


After the incident, DCP Mishra said that “Hearing the gunshots, the woman came out of the shop and rushed to help Solanki. Seeing her, the assailants fled just as she started chasing them. We are questioning her and have not given (her) a clean chit in the case so far”. CCTV footage shows that the man wearing a hat was firing when the woman hit him. She is seen torturing to avoid being shot. As the attackers fled, the man in the white car runs. We will update all the updates coming related to the topic. So, stay tuned with us.


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