A very terrific accident happened in Pakistan in which two express trains collided in southern Pakistan. The accident was actually very dangerous in which many people lost their lives. The rescue reached the place and regularly trying to find some clues to get some results. The team is continuously working to find and rescue people who stuck on the train after the accident. The official report also announced by the officials in which they clearly said that 30 passengers are found dead and the rescue team is working to find more people.

2 Trains Collide in Southern Pakistan

If we talk about the collision then it had occurred between The Millat Express and the Sir Syed Express. The confirmed news was given by Usman Abdullah who is a police officer in Ghotki district in Sindh province. Along with it, he also said that the rescue team, villagers, and police regularly working and transporting all the dead and injured people to nearby hospitals.

Apart from this, the main reason behind the collision and derailment has not been revealed yet. The police officers and rescue team regularly searching for the reason and passengers who travel on the train. The cause behind the collision is still not revealed yet but very soon the police will find the main reason behind it.

Otherwise, train accidents are common in Pakistan because the leading government is not paid little attention to improving the poorly maintained signal system and aging tracks. If the government had prepared the railways for such accidents in advance, then perhaps the collision that has happened would not have happened. Now, the bodies have been shifted to their homes and all those families whose family members are traveling by train are in fear. Millions of people in the country are angry with the government because the government not pay little attention to improve the situation of the country.

Now, a very shocking collision between The Millat Express and the Sir Syed Express has happened in Southern Pakistan early on a Monday morning. After the accident, 30 people were found dead and the rescue team is currently searching for more. The local police, rescue team, and villagers reached the place immediately and trying to save as many lives as possible by finding more people on the train. We will update here all the information that people searching for. So, stay connected with us to get all the updates related to the incidents that happened anywhere in the world.


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