Here is breaking news that will make you curious to know the full coverage. As you know very well that the show ‘2 days 1 Night’ is getting such huge attention in the past few days. There are many people who are excited to know the current latest news. So here we going to tell you about Kim Seon Ho news who left the show and his position in the show. So let begin our article and get all the information now.

kim seon ho

As per the news, Kim Seon Ho has withdrawn from his position as a fixed member of 2 days 1 Night show. Along with it, we got the news that the production team of this show has held a meeting earlier on October 20 KST. The meeting was held regarding his departure. Now definitely you have various questions in your mind and it is normal. So we want to tell you that reportedly we found that he expressed his own intention to leave the program. It was a big sign that he will leave this how very soon and now the news about the matter is here among all of us.

The news of Kim Seon Ho’s withdrawal from the cast has already been relayed to the other fixed casts members — Yeon Jung Hoon, Moon Se Yoon, DinDin, Kim Jong Min, and Ravi.

This is a very popular show and famous because of its thriller tasks in the show. Most probably now the show may have some problems and getting fall in the TRP because one of the entertaining contestants has left the show. So far here is the various audience who continuously watched the show and probably they will continue to watch the show. According to the news, both the production house and Ho have apologized for the scandal. It has confused many viewers and many viewers are troubled because of this. If you have any queries regarding the show then you can ask us in the comment section. We will definitely tell you brief information. For further information stay with us and get all the details on time.


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