2 Actors Dead from Netflix The Chosen One Cast Dead after van crash: There have been reports that say that two actors from the Netflix series “The Chosen One” have died after a van crash in Mexico. The news has been coming from Mexico as co-actors from a Netflix series have died in a van crash that is reported to have happened in Mexico. The crash happened this Thursday. There were six others from the cast and some other crew members that were involved in the accident as they were injured in the crash. Follow UptoBrain.com For More Updates

The Chosen One Cast Dead

2 Actors Dead

The van had flipped over as it got off-road on the Baja California Sur peninsula. The location of the accident was a deserted area near Mulege. This information is based on the reports from the local media. The crew had allegedly been working in Santa Rosalia which is not very far from the place of the crash incident.

The two actors that lost their lives were confirmed by the Baja California Department of Culture as Raymundo Garduno Cruz and Juan Francisco Gonsalez Aguilar. They were both a part of the show for quite a while. The series Chosen One was based on a series of Comic books that were written by Mark Millar and Peter Gross and the title was American Jesus. The plot of the story is circling around a 12-year-old boy who realizes that he has resurrected Jesus and had been born to save Mankind.

The Chosen One Cast Dead

Mark has also created Kick-Ass, Kingsman, and Jupiter’s Legacy. The show known as The Chosen One was originally announced as American Jesus but was changed later on. The crash incident has caused some issues related to the production and there’s not much information as to how this will affect the show as they move forward.

Who were Raymundo Garduno and Juan Francisco?

Juan Francisco Gonsalez Aguilar whose professional name is Paco Mufote is a renowned actor and was widely known as El Porvenir which was a thriller series. His passing had left his friends heartbroken and sad. One of his friends said that he was a strong actor who was kind to everyone and had been a solid performer. He was very fond of playing music as well apart from his acting. There had been a time when he had sacrificed his passion for acting due to his financial condition.

Raymundo is also among the renowned actors in the industry. He has worked in “Here comes the Devil”. One of his friends Fernando Bonilla went to Twitter and demanded an investigation of the drivers that were driving the truck. Raymundo was very generous and enjoyed every moment of his life. It is sad to hear a person full of life had to lose his life in an accident. It is believed that the exploitation of drivers by the production companies has been the reason that tragedies like these occur.


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