Another investigation at the starting of the year start in Mumbai. Recently the Mumbai Police revealed that the 19-year-old girl was allegedly killed and then thrown into the pool. The girl immediately comes in the eye of another person who takes her to the hospital but after reaching the hospital the doctors confirmed that the girl was dead during the arrival. The Mumbai Police investigating the case and searching the entire situation that was held on the place where the girl found dead. The girl was found dead and the reason for death comes in front that she was banged on the railing.19 Year Old Girl Found Dead & Raped In Pool In Mumbai

The girl was killed by her friends named Shree Jogdhankar and Diya Padankar who banged her head on the railing on the staircase. Both the accused were left the spot immediately after throwing the women in the pool in which the entire water becomes completely red because of blood. After that, 1.5 hours after the woman gets noticed and then she was taken to the hospital but the woman died on the way to the hospital. The doctors announced that the woman has died and then the doctors also said some shocking information about her body.

The Mumbai Police said that “She had already lost a lot of blood when we reached the spot. She was soaked in blood. When we took her to a hospital, the doctors declared her dead on arrival… She had died on the spot.” The cop further added the statement that “Post mortem reports also revealed scratches and injuries all over her body and private parts. A Mark of a sharp object hitting her head has been found. A detailed post mortem report is awaited.” So, many people are want to know the entire situation that was held at the place.

The victim saw the fight starte the accused but after that, all of them leave the terrace and then they both banged the head of the victim on the railing. The victim also had many scratches injuries over her body and private parts. Also, she had hit by a sharp object on her head that becomes the reason for her death. The Mumbai Police take under custody all the accused for further information and investigation. So, we will give you all the information immediately when we get any important information from the sources.


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