15 Passengers Found Dead: Lagos Boat Accident: A few days ago we have posted news regarding the 15 missing passengers who were on the boat on July 8 but they went missing for a few couples of days. But recently we have got an update regarding the same and we are feeling bad for the missing ones and their families as all the 15 passengers died. According to the latest report shared by the LASWA, they found all the 15 passengers dead on Sunday. Since this news has come to the front page all the people close to the matter were keenly following the developments made by the authorities. Now, this column is being written by us to make you more knowledgable on the missing case of 15 passengers who vanished suddenly after the 8th of July. Let’s read more about this in the following sections of this article. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

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15 Passengers Found Dead

As per the source, on 8th July there were as many as 15 passengers on a 16-passenger boat but that particular boat capsized and passengers of the boat went missing for some days until they were found dead in the Ojo region of Lagos State. The report of 15 Passengers dead was shared by Mr. Oluwadamilola Emmanuel, the general manager of Lagos State Waterways Authority. Mr. Oluwadamilola Emmanuel stated that the authorities received 4 corpses on Saturday while the other 11 corpses were found on Sunday.

According to Mr. Oluwadamilola Emmanuel, there is still one more person missing. But the National Inland Waterways, the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency, Rescue teams of LASWA, and the Nigerian Marine Police are still looking into the matter and searching for the whereabouts of the last missing person who is yet to be discovered at this time. Do you want to get more about the incident and the boat route? If yes, then take a look below for more details.

According to the reports shared by the respective authorities the 16-passenger capacity boat was traveling to Ibeshe in the Ojo region but suddenly the boat struck and tragedy happened. According to the source, the cause of the tragedy and the loss of 15 lives was the tide of water due to which the boat drifted to a stationary barge and overturned resulting in the loss of 15 people’s lives. Now 15 people have been found dead in the Ojo area but an investigation and search operation are still going on right now. Stay tuned to this page.


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