11-Years-Old Boy Died After Being Raped: A Boy has fallen victim to the s3xual assault by his brothers which led to his early demise. We have received reports that a young boy, at the age of 11, fell prey to the abuse by his four brothers. This abuse went on for a long period of two years. In the end, he gave in to the cardiac arrests and died at a hospital. They also allegedly gave him HIV which made his situation even worse.

11 Years Old Boy Died After Being Raped By Four Evil Brothers Gave Him HIV Who Was He Updates

It’s absurd to think that even in this day and age such nightmarish events can happen. The kid fell into a coma and was rushed to a hospital in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. The doctors in the hospital had managed to save him after the first arrest but the second cardiac arrest was his final one. The young boy was alleged to be infected with HIV as well during his period of abuse. 11-Years-Old Boy Died After Being Raped

How Did He Die? Who Was He?

This has left the people of Bolivia in shock and even the President has asked for justice to be given to the boy who lost his life in the worst way possible. He wrote, “We express our deepest pain at the departure of the little boy in Yapacani”.

It is obvious to ask for justice for the young boy but will it be given justice after he has already lost his life.

The boy’s mother has also asked that severe punishment be given to those who have committed this heinous crime. The young boy was left so terrified that he couldn’t even tell anyone. The condition was revealed only when he fell ill and was tested positive for HIV.

The boy’s mother issued a statement last week stating that justice has to be given to her son. Otherwise, his son would have gone and those who did this will laugh.

Two of the culprits are young boys aged 15 and 17, while the other two were 23 and 28 years old. The oldest out of the four died of Aids last year. The alleged culprit who was to appear in the court last week was beaten up badly by the residents of the hometown of the young boy and they also forced him to run naked in public as well, as the reports say.

He was later sent to the Palmasola prison in Santa Cruz. The young suspect was sent to a juvenile court and is in the custody at the Cenvicruz rehab center. The culprits were their neighbors with whom he used to play. We will update you with any information on the case as soon as possible.

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