A case of suicide is registered in Kerala where a minor girl allegedly died by suicide at her house in Idukki on Monday. The reason for their death is that she argued with her sibling over watching television. She was watching television with her sister while their parents had gone out. The 11-year-old girl was found hanging from the window grill inside her home in Manakkad in Idukki.

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A report said that her sister and a cousin were watching television on Monday when their parents were not at home. After the investigation, the police said that three of them argued over watching television and suddenly 11-year-old locked herself in one of the room. Her grandmother was at home and she asked them not to fight.

After some time she found her hanging in the room. The police said that the girl was studying in 6th class. When the police reached home, they investigated the case and interrogated from children as well. The police stated that children were playing in the house and wanted to watch television. That girl wanted to watch her favourite serial but her cousin argued with her and snatched the television from her. T

hey argued for some time and then the 11-year-old went to her room and locked herself. When her grandmother called her for some work, she didn’t answer. She looked for her in the house and asked her cousin where she is. They said that they were fighting over the television remote but they denied to give her. Her grandmother looked for her and called her several times. Then she asked her to open the door she found locked.

She called the police and they found an 11-year-old hanging from the window. The police have registered the case of unnatural death. The postmortem will be held on Tuesday. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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