Earlier in 2021, Netflix announced that it was going to publish a daily list of its most popular TV shows across seven days – and it’s proven a great way to see what’s popular at any given time, giving you the perfect list of things to watch this summer.

Netflix considers each season of its best series as a separate entity, so you might see two of the best seasons of the same show in the same week. Of course, this depends on how popular the series is. Below, we have rounded up the eleven top shows.

The Last Kingdom

A drama series inspired partly by real British history, The Last Kingdom should appeal to Game of Thrones fans. In American Horror Story, Alexander Dreymon plays Saxon nobleman Uhtred of Bebbanburg, raised by Danish invaders despite being born to Saxon nobles. As the war for England rages on, he finds himself torn between these two worlds.

All Of Us Are Dead

This acclaimed South Korean zombie series recently landed on Netflix. It follows a group of teenagers who attempt to escape a school that has become a center for an outbreak of zombies.

Vikings: Valhalla

The spin-off series of Vikings has landed on Netflix for those who enjoyed the original series. In Vikings: Valhalla, the story starts right after the events of the original series, with King Aethelred’s order to slaughter all Danes in England on St. Brice’s Day.

Rick & Morty 

Netflix is now streaming Rick and Morty’s latest episodes following their exclusive run on All4. Those who haven’t yet discovered this hit animated series should know it’s definitely not aimed at children. Morty, Rick’s grandson, later takes part in frightening adventures with his grandfather, an inventor, and intergalactic outlaw. However, an emotional story about a family barely able to keep together lies between the shock value moments.

Human Resources 

From the spin-off of Big Mouth comes Human Resources. This series takes us through the delightful world of adolescence with an introduction of monsters who help their humans through the emotional turmoil that comes with growing up. Featuring the hormone monsters, hate worms, shame wizards, and love bugs.

One Of Us Is Lying

InOne Of Us Is Lying, Sing Street star Mark Mckenna plays Simon (a boy facing detention at Bayview High School who suffers a fatal allergic reaction), whose death is the subject of Karen M. McManus’ novel of the same name.

Top Boy 

Top Boy has had an amazing production history making it one of the best crime dramas in recent times. Originally broadcasted on Channel 4, the show only lasted two series before it was shelved. A few years later, Netflix stepped in and brought the series back to life, with a lot of help from Canadian rapper Drake. The series has now returned for its second Netflix run with continued growth in strength and still is as gripping as ever.

Love is Blind 

Love is Blind is a dating show with a difference. Take 30 men and women looking for love, all participating in a show surrounding the world of speed dating. Each contestant would enter a pod to engage with potential partners but never meet them. The only chance to meet someone you felt a connection with would be if they got married. Very extreme, but very exciting.

The Andy Warhol Diaries 

Lovers of the legendary artist Andy Warhol should make sure they check out the new six-part documentary series inspired by the memoirs he wrote just before his death. Viewers are given a remarkable insight into the thoughts and defining moments of Warhol’s life through his own words, giving a deeper insight into the mind and eye of the amazing artist.


The buzz around period dramas has never surrounded itself around the Netflix streaming service until very recently. Based on the Julia Quinn novel, Bridgerton focuses on a family of siblings searching for love around London.

Cat Burglar

Cat Burglar is the newest animated series to hit Netflix. Throughout the series, follow all the exploits of Titular, the cat burglar, on his escapades to avoid the security pup, Peanut, and grab himself a priceless museum painting. The main twist to this animated series is the interactive capabilities that allow the viewer to answer trivia questions to decide how the show’s hero can make his way past Peanut. For those who don’t answer all the questions correctly, you may find that Titular faces his granted punishment.


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