Finally, the most awaited first day of the year has come. Which is known as New Year Eve. Different countries have different cultures. So that’s why now it is the turn to exploring the Happy New Year wishes quotes greetings for Japan. Here are many quotes and greetings which you can send to your loved ones. In Japanese, you can say Write a happy new year as 明けましておめでとうございます.

How the Japanese Celebrate the New Year

  1. 「来年の敷居から微笑んでささやきたい」「もっと幸せになる」
  2. 「人生は後ろ向きにしか理解できませんが、私たちは前向きに生きなければなりません。
  3. 「何かがいつ終わったかを知ることは常に重要です。サークルを閉じたり、ドアを閉めたり、チャプターを終了したりすることができます。重要なことは人生にあります。過去の最後の瞬間を残すことです。」
  4. 「終わりのように感じることはしばしば始まりです。」
  5. 「私たちの多くが、節約したお金よりも食べ物、歓声、歌を大切にしているなら、それはより楽しい世界になるでしょう。」

Here all the information is completed and all the happy new year quotes wishes in the Japanese language. We hope this year will bring lost of happiness in your life. Millions of people are going to have fun and enjoy this year, even they have also set the resolution, and plans for the new year. you must have faced lost of hurdles and problems throughout your year. But keep the hope, this year will be amazing as compared to other years. So happy New Year to all of you.


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